Kalavan Author Retreat

Escape to Creativity and Inspiration in Armenia

Kalavan Writing Retreat

Escape to Creativity and Inspiration in Armenia

Welcome to Kalavan Writing Retreat

Escape to the serene village of Kalavan in Armenia, where renowned author and ghostwriter Gregory Diehl will guide you through the transformative journey of writing your book. Nestled in the picturesque mountains, our retreat offers an inspiring environment for writers to unleash their creativity and bring their stories to life.

Why Choose Our Writing Retreat?

Expert Guidance

Personalized Mentorship: Work closely with Gregory Diehl, a seasoned author and ghostwriter, who will provide personalized feedback and professional insights to help you refine your manuscript.

Inspiring Environment

Breathtaking Landscapes: Surrounded by the picturesque mountains of Kalavan, you'll find the peace and inspiration needed to fuel your writing process.

Focused Workshops

Intensive Learning: Participate in intensive writing workshops designed to enhance your skills, develop your narrative voice, and overcome writer's block.

Supportive Community

Connect and Collaborate: Build lasting relationships and gain valuable perspectives from a diverse group of creatives who share your passion and dedication.

Cultural Immersion

Experience Armenia: Enjoy guided tours, local cuisine, and interactions with the friendly villagers to immerse yourself in the rich culture and traditions of Armenia.

Value Propositions

Professional Mentorship

One-on-One Sessions: Benefit from individualized sessions with Gregory Diehl, helping you navigate the complexities of writing and publishing.

Scenic Solitude

Focused Writing: Retreat to a tranquil village away from the distractions of modern life, allowing you to focus entirely on your writing.

Customized Packages

Flexible Scheduling: Choose from various retreat lengths to fit your schedule and goals, whether you need a week-long escape or a month-long immersion.

Creative Inspiration

Daily Exercises: Participate in daily creative exercises, group discussions, and feedback sessions to stimulate your imagination and improve your craft.

Holistic Experience

Wellness Activities: Enjoy yoga, meditation, and nature walks to balance your mind and body, enhancing your overall writing experience.

Social Proof


Author Success Stories: Hear from past attendees about how the retreat helped them achieve their writing goals and provided a transformative experience.

Media Mentions

Press Coverage: Showcase any media coverage or articles that highlight the uniqueness and benefits of the retreat.

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Ready to Transform Your Writing?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring to the retreat?

Essentials: A detailed list of recommended items, including writing materials, comfortable clothing, and personal essentials.

How do I get to Kalavan?

Travel Information: Detailed travel directions and options, including nearest airports and transportation arrangements.

What is included in the retreat package?

Inclusions: Outline what is included in the retreat package such as accommodation, meals, workshops, and wellness activities.

Escape to a world where creativity thrives and stories come to life. Join us in Kalavan and let your writing journey begin.

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